The No B.S. Life

stop doing what doesn't matter. start living what does.

Tolerating any B.S.? What about these 11 things?

Tolerations you can say "F*ck" to.

It’s like a daily mantra playing over and over in my mind: Hollie, stop doing EVERYTHING and ANYTHING that doesn’t really matter, so you can live FULLY only those things that do.


That kind of radical truth and way of being in the world is hard and it’s LIBERATING. I want to be liberated.

Allowing No B.S. in your life also leads to clearer decision making. It’s kind of like you begin to see this straight line through all situations and things. This stays. That goes. Clear. This is good enough. This is NOT. Clear. This is how I want to be treated. That is how I don’t. Clear.

No B.S.

I can tell you this approach has saved me a lot of time and energy. It takes practice for sure. But when you allow yourself time to slow down and tune in, it gets easier and easier to decipher life and to see and feel what’s right for you. And to leave the rest behind. Far behind.

This is what I call the The No B.S. Life. I figure, I’m 43. I’m pretty self aware. I know what I want. I don’t have the time, energy, or the desire to mess around. I want to get on with living greatly without all the…well…B.S. that can fill our days and just suck the life out of us.

Life is too short.

Ask yourself…any B.S. showing up in your life?

1. Work you do not enjoy?
2. People that take more than they give?
3. Meetings, parties, or any social, church, or school engagements that drain?
4. Not being able to say NO?
5. Not standing up for yourself?
6. Vague communication?
7. Clutter?
8. Debt?
9. Blame?
10. Overflowing inbox, too many accounts, too much going into your brain?
11. Lies like: I’ll do it when I have more time or money?

It’s really all B.S. And it takes away from the life you are meant to live. What exactly are you tolerating? You’re the only one who knows, who feels it, and who can clean it up.

If any of the above apply, here are some suggestions (in same order as above):

1.  Decide you must enjoy your work. Then look for it. Keep looking until you find it. Or create it by starting your own business. Don’t accept that doing work you dislike is just part of life…it’s doesn’t have to be and it’s not meant to be. Don’t stop or give up. YOU have something important to contribute to this world.

2.  Actively try to improve the relationship or let it go.  Be mindful of who you spend time with. Do you feel better after time together or worse? It’s telling.

3. Grab your calendar right now…how much is on it? Do you love all those things?  Can you let anything go? Create space in your life today. Make some calls. Send emails. Cancel. Reschedule. You don’t get any of your life back. Really get that.

4.  From this day forward, learn to say “No” with great happiness NOT guilt. I have found people appreciate and respect this. Folks often tell me, “I wish I could do that. Just say No like that.” Well they can. You can. Inspire others with this!

5. When you let someone take advantage of you, or say unkind words, even little “cut downs” and you don’t address it, your spirit gets a little less bright. You can firmly and with class address it. State your belief, request an alternative behavior be shown, or state with confidence how you see it.

6. Say what you mean, and mean what you say. Don’t leave people guessing.

7. Clean a drawer, clean a closet, clean off every surface, pick up the clothes, clear your desk…start with one small thing. How does it feel? Then do another. And another. Let Goodwill be your new best friend. Less truly is more.

8. Get out of debt. Create a plan. Read Lesson 7 in the No B.S When Life’s a Mess Book. Debt is heavy, it is draining.  Want to sleep better, feel lighter, live with freedom…make this a priority. Even if it will take years, it’ll be worth it.

9.  Take 100% responsibility for your life. As soon as you do, you will feel the power. You’ll start to create what you want, instead of waiting for someone or some outside force to deliver it to you.

10. Take 1 hour. How fast can you empty your inbox? Any subscriptions or accounts you can close? Anything you can stop consuming…reading, watching, listening to?  Clear the head clutter.  Do this especially if you can’t remember things. If your brain is overflowing with info, it can’t possibly absorb or retain more.

11.  Just be honest. It might be really refreshing to say: You know why I’m really not doing that thing I say I want to be doing? I’m freaking terrified. I don’t have the guts right now. Very rarely is it EVER about time and money. It’s about fear. And as soon as you recognize what you’re really dealing with, the sooner you will make a decision and have the true power needed to step through it.

I’m not saying any of this is easy, but it is worthwhile. On the other side is liberation. Sweet sweet, mind-blowing liberation.

Stop doing and tolerating what ultimately doesn’t matter, so you can live what does. Life is short. Time is precious. You are precious.

With a ton of love & No B.S.!


About hollie

Hollie Flynn is a Life and Career Strategist, Millennial Mentor, Author of No B.S. When Life's a Mess, Founder & CEO of Wellness Spark, Inc, a personal development & life strategy company, and creator of The No BS Life. Hollie is an 18 year entrepreneur who repeatedly turns her passions into purpose and profit. She began in 1998 at the age of 26 by opening up 3 Fitness Centers, and has since owned and operated businesses in the adventure, wellness, coaching and consulting industries. Hollie loves adventure, mountain biking, trail running, kale, and bourbon, oh and books. Lots and lots of books. Her favorite place in the world is her home where she lives her wise and witty daughter, Taylor, her cat Yang, and Mr. Carter Jones, the family dog. Hollie usually can find her computer more often than her phone, and can be reached best at