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You Might Be a NO if:

:: You’re a woman who empowers other women (including yourself)

:: You’re a female entrepreneur working hard to better your life & those you serve

::You’re a 20-Something

::You’re a cool, forward thinking Mom (or Dad – we’ll let 1 o 2 in!) of a 20-Something

:: You appreciate NO B.S. in life. You want to get down to business, know what really works and get busy doing it. Because really, you don’t have the time, energy, or patience to live any other way.

:: You’re ready for success to be defined in a new way and to understand (maybe for the first time ever) how to make your deepest dreams come true.

We are women who are: Strong, Smart, Tenacious, Spirited, Independent, and Compassionate. We have a deep desire to live better and make a positive difference in our families, communities and our world.


I have to begin with what an impact your book had on me. The direct reflection and correlation I found mirroring my own life’s trials was astounding, almost eerie. This book is a huge source of inspiration for not only the 20’s generation but the mother’s who survived the 20’s generation and hope for a better road for their daughter’s (I have 2 beautiful daughters).”

Hollie, your book is amazing! I just finished reading it. I found it incredibly empowering and VERY helpful. I LOVED IT! I am definitely going to do the activities in the book, being that I am in a better place but not my dream place. One step at a time.” 21 yr old!

As a 23 year old having recently been in survival mode, I understand all too well the struggle that most women in their 20s face. The advice in this book is authentic, real-world driven, and a priceless tool for any young woman who is ready to put her life in her own hands.”