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EPIC Lists (what do you want on yours?)

EPIC pursuits and EPIC living must follow these 4 criteria. They must be: spark_logo_circle_small

Inspiring, and
Completely aligned

Here’s a sampling of some of my EPIC pursuits and adventures. The only thing special about any of these is the mindset behind them. A mindset you can develop. Not to go after anything on my list. But so you can pursue what makes your heart beat faster with much success! And a crazy amount of fun!


:: I’ve been an entrepreneur since 1998 when I opened my first fitness center at the age of 26.
:: I’ve owned and operated multiple businesses in the last 18+ years: 3 fitness centers,1 adventure company, 1 vacation rental biz w/ a wellness twist, and 1 personal development/coaching company
:: $740,000 highest annual revenue generated
:: Cool fact: the $740k was generated working approximately 10-20 hours a week
:: All of my businesses have been passion projects
:: One of my strongest gifts in helping clients with their own business is connecting dots and identifying their EPIC Genius…the place where passions + gifts + strengths + experiences align and merge to create a powerful opportunity for right livelihood, purposeful work, kick ass businesses, and impact in the world.
:: Author of No B.S. When Life’s a Mess: A Girl’s Guide: How to Go from Surviving to Thriving for 20-Somethings (really for all of us!)


EPIC Wellness + Adventure

:: Longest bike ride: 104 miles
:: Longest trail run: 32 miles
:: Longest race: 36 Hour Adventure Race (mountain biking, trail running, trekking, paddling, all by map and compass, carrying all food and water, no sleep!)
:: Certified Holistic Wellness Coach (IIN – Institute of Integrative Nutrition)
:: Certified TRX Instructor
:: Owned 3 Fitness + Weight Loss Centers for 14 years
:: In my late teens/early 20s I was 45 pounds overweight — lost it and have kept it off ever since (this was my first and only “credential” when I opened my first fitness center at 26)
:: Complete foodie and self proclaimed chef. Known for whipping up crazy good and nutritious meals in under 10 minutes flat (also know for trashing kitchens in same 10 minutes)
:: Co-owned Odyssey Adventure Racing 2005 – July 2015 (
This cool company put on over 283 (and counting) endurance competitions like marathons, ultras, Off-Road Iron distance events, 12 hour to 6 DAY Adventure Races. It also provides performance and adventure training for athletes.

EPIC Living

:: Created my first ” life design blueprint” when I was 16
:: Psychology Degree
:: Have been turning my passions into profit since 26
:: I always design my life first, then my livelihood
:: I have spent 20+ years of intensive studies in the areas of positive psychology, personal development, optimal wellness, success principles, Universal law, spirituality, and entrepreneurship.


Do you want more EPIC in your life?

It’s time to slice through all the BS!