The No B.S. Life

stop doing what doesn't matter. start living what does.


The No BS Life is dedicated to purpose driven, freedom seeking Millennials who want to actively build lives and businesses by design. 

You might be a No B.S. Millennial if:

:: You’re a 20-something or Millennial looking for way MORE than a success model that continually touts good grades, a good college, and a good career as the blueprint to success.

:: You’re an entrepreneur or desiring to become one.

:: You crave adventure, new experiences, connection to places, people, and missions that matter.

:: You appreciate NO B.S. in life. You want to get down to business, know what really works and get busy doing it. Because really, you don’t have the time, energy, or patience to live any other way.

:: Yes you want money (quite a bit actually!) but not without FREEDOM and MEANING.

:: You’re ready for success to be defined in a new way and to learn how to live YOUR dreams, not society’s expectations of what you “should or have to” do.

:: The status quo drives you nuts. But you also aren’t overly impressed with all the “dream life” hype. All you want is YOUR life. And on your terms.

:: You are tired of being taught things that do not connect to real life success or happiness and by people who have lives you do not want!

:: You are oh-so tired of information overload. Busyness. The rat race. Alignment and aliveness are your end game.

:: You are ready to cut-to-the-chase, slice through all the B.S. out there and get the precise tools, WISDOM, and how-to to live your most EPIC life.

When I use the word EPIC, it is all about a life and a YOU that is :

Inspiring &
Completely aligned!

It’s the most bold definition of EPIC there is. Why?

Because it takes courage, guts, grit and digging deep to live WHO you really are and go after WHAT you really want.

And because living any other way, is all just a bunch of B.S.

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